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Hi! I'm Stylianos Syropoulos. I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society and the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Boston College.

  • My research focuses on environmental decision making, particularly within the context of climate change.

  • I investigate how various individual differences and social influences impact our environmental and decision making, our engagement in proenvironmental behavior, climate action and our support for climate policies.

  • I am also engaged in the study of the psychology of peace and violence. Specifically, I am interested in the antecedents and consequences of intergroup conflict. In this field of research, I place a particular focus on the role of national identity.

  • Finally, I also conduct research which seeks to inform our understanding of what makes us feel (un)safe around others (i.e., interpersonal safety), and what the consequences of feeling (un)safe are for our mental and physical health as well as our attitudes and behaviors. 

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